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When looking for childcare what should I consider?
  • The personality of my child
  • Do I need full or part-time care?
  • Does this included evenings or weekends
  • Number of children
  • What are their ages
  • Location of child care provider
  • Fees and admission policies.
  • Type of service you are looking for
    • In home day care
    • Day care center
    • Nanny Service
    • Baby Sitter
    • Preschool
What should I discuss with the day care provider?
  • Times for arrival and pick-up.
  • Fees and admission policies.
  • The total number of children who will be cared for.
  • The ages of the other children.
  • Items to be brought from home (food, toys, books, change of diapers, change of clothes, toothbrushes, etc.).
  • Sleeping and rest arrangements.
  • Telephone numbers for cell phone, home, work, spouse's work, doctor and neighbors.
  • A list of names and telephone numbers of people who may pick up your child.
  • Instructions for giving medicines or special foods.
  • How my child will be cared for when he or she gets sick.